q EcosiSTEAM is part of the largest online #SEL Conference - Ecosisteam

EcosiSTEAM is part of the largest online #SEL Conference

The event was organized by Karanga, the global coalition of socio-emotional learning. During the conference academics, policymakers, civil society and program leaders shared their experiences and contributions to promote and make more visible the importance of socio-emotional learning #SEL in education. On that occasion, the director of ecosiSTEAM, Ana María Raad, participated in the panel related to socio-emotional skills and justice, where she emphasized the relevance of promoting an adequate education for the demands of the 21st century, in order to guarantee greater inclusion. From this perspective, socio-emotional skills must be promoted, not only in the curricular frameworks but also in the methodologies and ways of developing learning. 

More information about the conference  https://karanga.org/online-sel-conference

About the global coalition for #SEL, KARANGA https://karanga.org