Expertos invitados

EcosiSTEAM organized a key meeting with education experts to address the challenges of WHAT and HOW to learn in times of change and uncertainty.

Foto: El Mercurio (Todos los derechos reservados)

In order to address the challenges surrounding new trends in the transformation of learning, Richard Elmore, a Harvard University professor, an expert in leadership, school systems improvement and Senior Academic Advisor of ecosiSTEAM, lead the conversation with a group of experts in education. This meeting was organized with Diario El Mercurio.

Among the experts who participated were Tomás Recart from Enseña Chile, Claudia Peirano from Fundación Oportunidad, Ricardo Paredes from DUOC, Susana Claro from the School of Government al PUC, Niels Rivas from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Marcela Rentería from Harvard, Magdalena Claro from the Faculty of Education at PUC, Ana María Raad from ecosiSTEAM, Valentina Quiroga of Fundación Horizonte Ciudadano, Carmen Figueroa, education editor at El Mercurio, Magdalena Vergara from Acción Educar; Margherita Cordano of El Mercurio. During the meeting, we sought to analyze and deepen the radical changes that education requires to face an uncertain future and where the learning that is required are others.

From this conversation, the newspaper El Mercurio made a wide coverage of the main themes and ideas that were discussed together with Richard Elmore

Foto El Mercurio (Todos los derechos reservados)